The environment

Angel’s Garden Pre-School provides a high quality care in a safe and loving environment from the age of 2.5 to school- leaving age. We provide a Hungarian-English bilingual language environment throughout the day. The teachers pass the children the knowledge and love of English through games and activities and introduce them to British and American culture.

Angel’s Garden Pre-school is a private family business located in the centre of Kecskemét in a nice and quiet street. The beautifully restored and modernized elegant villa meets all the requirements and is equipped well above average safety system (smart card access for parents, security camera system). The spacious multipurpose classrooms (55 m2) with large windows provide space both for group activities and free play. Besides the beautifully and sophisticatedly designed interior the various toys, books, playmat, kitchen set and board games give the equipments of the classroom. The warm colors, a gallery and the corner for reading and cuddling give the feeling of cosiness and security.
The kindergarten has a spacious gymnasium (70m2)which with its high-quality, safe and child-friendly eguipments provide a huge space for children’s everyday activities, physical education and locomotive development.
We provide a well-equipped garden with playground (sandpit, climbing frame and playhouse) where children get the chance to play a variety of outdoor activities and to run around in the fresh air.
The Angel’s Garden Pre-School is the place where children can have a loving, safe and eventful everyday. The aim is to develop their personality, enrich their emotional life and to create a harmonious, accepting child community where children happily arrive to and await the following day.